Vinyl fences


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Why choose vinyl fence?

  • Wood requires maintenance. Painting every few years, and replacing old boards. The only maintenance for vinyl is washing with water if needed.

  • Metal/aluminum again requires painting, and is much more expensive.

  • Vinyl and wood fence cost about the same. After installation, there will be no expensive repairs for vinyl fence.

  • Installation is simple even for the common person.

  • Vinyl fence is very light-weight. Particularly on new ground, this is a major benefit to heavier types of fence materials. The lighter vinyl material will not shift on new ground.

  • The vinyl can be easily installed in the ground with metal spikes, or by pouring concrete in the hole surrounding the post.

  • Vinyl fences have also become more common in Finland. Our company has sold vinyl fence for 10 years. In North America, almost all the fences are made of vinyl because of these many important advantages.

  • Our vinyl products are manufactured by Fence Master who is the longest-running Asian manufacturer in the field. The factory gives a long warranty on its products, and they have been well tested for over 12 years in U.S.A and Canada, where the weather conditions are the same as in the Nordic countries.

  • A long 20 years warranty

  • Profiles are much thicker than most competitors (90x50mm horizontal)

  • Profiles are also thicker in their material strength, which significantly increases the vinyl strength, with a profile thickness of 3.8mm (picture #3)

  • In the bottom and top rail of the fence element, an extra casting further increases the stability (picture #1)

  • In special situations, aluminum support can also be installed inside the profiles.

  • High-quality, sturdy connectors to connect post to elements (picture #2)

  • Color options: white (basic color), light gray and sand (special order only)

  • These benefits make Fence Master fence the most robust and sustainable on the market.




picture #1
bottom and top rail of the fence element shown in the picture with center support


picture #2
Extra strong element to post connector


Picture #3
Thickness of the pole profile is 3.8mm
Most competitors (left) use 2.9mm


Vinyl Fence Models:



Vinyl models are available in our Kauhajoki warehouse!

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How much does vinyl fence cost?

Wood fence VS vinyl fence price comparison:
30 meters 180cm high view protection fence. Compare figures and see for yourself what makes sense.
(The general price level for 2016 was used in the calculations)

Privacy fence
Privacy vinyl fence / meter 119 € (incl. Post + one element) Lower model from 29 euros / meter
-30 meter assembly about 8 hours x 40 € / h = € 320.
-Vinyl Parts are just set in place and screwed. In both options (Vinyl or wood), the same time is spent on foundation, depending on the type of foundation and terrain.
-Vinyl fence future maintenance, washing if necessary, easy to handle
-Vinyl lifespan, forever


Wooden fence
Wood fence / meter € 100 so-called slate board (incl 2x painted wrought iron about 40 meters, sticks of impregnated wood and screws)
-30 meter assembly about 20 hours x 40 € / h = 800 € (incl. Board measurement, sawing, nailing)
- Maintenance in the future: The first painting in about 5 years. Next 4-8 years (by a professional about € 500 / time)
-wood lifespan, about 15 years (depending on conditions)



See below installation videos: